Are Online Casinos More Likely to Give Players a Better Chance of Winning Than Traditional Land-Based Casinos? 

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Online casinos have grown into their own significant segment within the greater gambling industry. Many clients like the convenience of use that they provide; after all, you can’t just walk into your local casino wearing nothing but your undies and expect to be admitted. The advent of mobile casino gambling adds to this ease. You can now place a bet whenever and wherever you have access to your mobile phone. 

Online casinos have been operating for over 20 years and have risen in popularity for a variety of reasons, one of which being the numerous game selections that they provide. When you play at an online casino, you will typically have access to a far greater selection of slot machines and table games than you would in a regular casino. The majority of casinos offer a wide variety of blackjack games, video poker simulators, and interesting slot machines with great aesthetics. 

Many consumers, on the other hand, are still ignorant that internet casinos frequently deliver a considerably larger return on investment (or “value for money”) than their traditional, real-world equivalents. This is partly due to the fact that running an online casino involves far fewer resources than running a traditional one. These cost savings are often passed on to the player in the form of bonuses and higher return-on-investment ratings. In this post, we’ll look at some of the techniques that online casinos use to lure players away from traditional casinos, as well as why these strategies are even possible in the first place. 

Reduce Your Costs 

As previously stated, an online casino’s operational costs are substantially cheaper than those of a traditional casino. Real-life casinos must be massive, lavish complexes to provide the degree of luxury that gamblers have learned to anticipate. These locations are not cheap, and the casino’s profits (or aspirations for profits) are utilized to pay for the grandiose structures that are often built. 

Once you have a structure, you will need to furnish it and hire personnel. Personnel costs represent a major and severe drain on a casino’s resources. People to work behind the bar, as well as security guards, croupiers, cashiers, and floor supervisors, will be needed. It comes as no surprise that none of these are cheap. In addition, there are utility costs that must be paid. In addition to having access to electricity, water, and gas, the casino requires a license. To reiterate, each of them is compensated with money earned by the casino from you, the player. 

The overhead costs of an internet casino are substantially lower than those of a regular land-based casino because it can be operated from a single office area. Of course, running an online casino necessitates paying employees, renting or acquiring property, and paying for utilities (including the cost of servers). This allows internet casinos to be significantly more competitive in terms of the services and amenities they provide their customers. This comprises offering additional bonuses for their games to their players in addition to having outstanding return-to-player ratings. 


The level of competition in the online casino market is another important factor. We’ve already discussed the competition that an online venue faces from the traditional market. However, they must also compete with every other online casino that a player can visit. 

The amount of games and betting options accessible to you in traditional, land-based casinos is likely to be limited. With a few notable exceptions, such as Macau and Las Vegas, most cities, even the most populous, frequently have just a limited number of gambling establishments. Your decision was made after considering your current status in the world. 

This is not the case in the case of online casinos. I don’t even need to leave the house right now to access the hundreds of various gaming platforms. Furthermore, this offers an incentive for casinos to offer the greatest rates and incentives to lure customers to play with them. 

What gives online casinos an advantage over land-based casinos? 

Online casinos will strive hard in a variety of ways to provide players with better value for their money. Increased bonus sums and return-to-player percentages are two common examples. 


If you’ve ever signed up for an online casino account, you’ll know that they’re usually very clear and honest about the promotions they provide. Because of the previously described extreme competitiveness, the very first interaction that they have with a player is critical. As a result, their popups will regularly include terms like “100% first deposit bonus for new players.” 

Compare this to more normal settings. Have you ever signed up to play at a real-life casino and been greeted with more than a few dollars or pounds to try out their games? In certain circumstances, they do not offer a welcome bonus and instead offer a loyalty program through which a player who has wagered $500 can receive incentives such as a free visit to the bar or a meal ticket. 

In addition, many online casinos provide free spins. These promotions are similar to bonus cash prizes, but they are far more beneficial because they truly provide the player with a positive expected value. Even if the parameters and circumstances of the spins result in less than one in ten thousand players receiving a payout, having a positive anticipated value is still preferable to having a negative one. Again, this is extremely unusual in traditional land-based casinos. 

When you play with money given to you by the casino (either literally in the form of bonuses or symbolically in the form of free spins), the casino has a stronger advantage over you than if you played the same game with only your own money. The house edge is generally lower at traditional casinos than at internet casinos since traditional casinos provide fewer bonuses. 

Optional Play 

The games that are available to play at various types of casinos should also be considered. Let’s start with slots. 

A slot machine with a return-to-player rating of more than 90% will be difficult to find in a traditional, land-based casino. This number is much lower when compared to the possibility of finding over 97 percent at an online venue. Because of this huge difference, the player will earn an additional $7 for every $100 wagered. 

Traditional casino table games, such as blackjack and roulette, usually employ a variety of house rules in order to maximize their advantage. Despite the fact that this is an extreme situation, I recall having the opportunity to play blackjack in a casino on a cruise ship. I was given a few hands to play with after taking a seat at the table. Everything was going swimmingly until the dealer and I both hit 18 simultaneously. If we were playing traditional blackjack rules, we would both have to remove our bets at this point because our hands are linked. However, this was not the case with these twisted sets of rules. Because the bets were not distributed evenly, the casino came out on top. I instantly cashed in my chips and went to find a more comfortable seat at the bar. 

This change to the regulation appears to be minimal. The advantage obtained by the house, on the other hand, is significant. Because both the player and the dealer are continually aiming to go as close to 21 as possible, the odds of having a tied hand are rather high, and players are frequently pushed by an optimal strategy to get closer to 17 than they would otherwise be. As a result, winning either of these hands would be extremely beneficial to the dealer. 

Even though it offers better discounts on average, traditional casinos still have something to offer that internet casinos cannot: the genuine gambling experience. They simply cannot replicate the social experience of getting dressed up, dressing up, and going to a casino in person. At the very least, not right now. Virtual reality has the potential to be utilised in the not-too-distant future.