Avoiding Unregistered, Illegal, and Other Dangerous Online Gambling Sites 

Check the regulations and make sure the casino is fully registered

Checking the regulations of one’s action to check if online gambling is permitted should be the first step for anyone interested in starting to gamble online. Betting on sporting events is permitted in many countries, however betting on the internet is not. Always double-check to ensure accuracy!

If you gamble in a country where it is illegal, you may face severe penalties such as monetary fines, money laundering accusations, the closure of your bank account, the seizure of your funds, and even probable incarceration.

The vast majority of countries on the planet have some sort of national gaming board, regulator, or commission in charge of issuing gambling licenses. First, check to see if a casino is registered with your country’s national gambling authority; if it isn’t, avoid playing there and file a complaint with the regulator.

Even if you have already deposited on a dubious or unscrupulous casino website, you may be able to get your money back. Even if it may be difficult to obtain your money back from an unauthorized or dishonest online casino, your first measures should be as follows:

  • making initial contact with the online casino’s support service You should save the email as well as any notifications given to you by your bank as evidence.
  • Provide a report to your country’s national online gambling regulator that includes information that can help them investigate the casino operator.
  • When possible, file a formal report with the police charging fraud; at this point, having relevant proof is critical.
  • Finding a lawyer who can help you launch legal action against the operator is a critical first step. Because of international regulations, this isn’t always possible or economical, and many operators are well aware of this.
  • If you report the incident to your bank in a timely manner, the bank may be able to assist in the investigation and, in certain cases, reverse the transaction that resulted in the loss of your money.

The Casinos That Have Been Banned

A variety of criteria influence whether or not a casino is placed on a blacklist. A casino does not have to be operating unlawfully to be listed on a blacklist; rather, the casino’s bad business practices or lack of support from another registered casino may be reasons why gamblers should avoid playing there. The following are some of the reasons:

They are not permitted to conduct business

The great majority of online casino operators are required to secure appropriate registration in the countries where they desire to conduct business. This is the reasoning behind the formation of national gaming regulators (as well as the gambling licenses that these regulators grant).

You should avoid playing at any casino whose domain is registered in a nation where electronic or internet gaming is illegal. This is true for both traditional and virtual casinos. Lookup services like Whois.com can occasionally reveal the country in which a domain name is registered.

They rely on tainted or stolen software

The software that drives a legitimate online casino must go through a thorough testing process in order to ensure that its Random Number Generators are random and free of faults. If they aren’t, the odds are almost certainly stacked against you from the start, and many blacklisted casinos are known for deploying software that guarantees an infinite loop of playing with no winnings, ever. You should not play at an online casino that is not licensed.

Playing unlicensed games should be avoided at all costs because the mathematics can be changed to make them more difficult to win. Furthermore, it is a sort of piracy against legitimate game developers who invest both time and money in the creation of high-quality games.

Payments that vanish

Before you send over any of your money or bitcoin to an online casino, be sure it has a solid reputation and is registered with the relevant authorities.

When a casino site is blacklisted, all money deposited into the site frequently “disappear,” or the site develops a “technical difficulty” that stops you from accessing your funds. Some will simply refuse you access and take your money without hesitation.

Payment Fraud

The issue manifests itself when you attempt to withdraw your funds or prizes. This is one of the most common reasons why a website ends up on a list of blacklisted gambling providers, and it is also the explanation with the greatest potential for harm.

Place your bets only with regulated institutions with a proven track record in the sector. If you’re not sure, look for unfavorable reviews (or those that appear to be fabricated!) or if you’re having trouble finding the information you need to register with them.

Customers’ Lack of Feedback

When dealing with an online casino (or any website), one of the most important aspects is user feedback, and if the online casino takes an unusually long time to respond to its users or does not respond to all of its users, it is only natural that the online casino will also end up on the blacklist for this reason.

Horrible Bugs

Software that is flawed not just because it contains rigged RNGs, but also because it has more defects than a regular swimming pool filter, is an example of flawed software. The phrase “flawed software” is used in several contexts. A casino may be put to the blacklist if its software causes lagging or freezing for customers.

Investigating Casinos That Have Been Banned

There are many websites on the internet that keep up-to-date lists of casinos that are on a “blacklist” because they have been reported for any of the reasons listed above. Many of these are based on user ratings and complaints; therefore, if you have been scammed, you should submit your report to help others with the process.

At Great Bridge Links, we love Wizard of Odds and The Pogg, both of which keep a thorough Casino Blacklist complete with explanations, reasons, and other pertinent information. Furthermore, Latest Casino Bonuses keeps an extensive database of online casinos that outlines the grounds for blacklisting casinos (some are listed as on probation instead).

Examining both of these listings before joining up for an online casino should not be too difficult. Here are some extra websites to check for blacklisted casinos:

Listings of Casinos

SBO – Sports Betting Online World Casino Directory Meister Games & Casino One Hundred Percent Gaming Online Casino Inspector SBO – Sports Betting Online World Casino Directory One Hundred Percent Gaming Online Casino Inspector Meister Games & Casino

What exactly is a “Self-Blacklist”?

You may also be aware of the concept of a self-blacklist for gaming enterprises. This happens when a person asks a casino for a voluntary exclusion for themselves (online or otherwise). In many cases, a blacklist of this type can be obtained on someone else’s behalf; however, this is only possible if the necessary legal documents are presented. Why? In most cases, this is done in situations like recovering from a gambling addiction or a serious debt.

Disclaimer Regarding Responsible Links on the GBL

Great Bridge Links has long emphasized the need for responsible gambling. We advertise websites that are licensed to provide online gambling and gaming, and we provide users with the documents they need to check an online casino’s validity before depositing any fiat dollars or digital currency.

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