Is the Sony Xperia 10 a Good Gaming Device?

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Sony has a long history of producing high-quality products; however, the company’s mobile presence has never been particularly strong in North America. As a result of its failure to produce high-quality smartphones in the mid-range price range, the company has spent the past several years operating in the shadow of more established competitors such as Samsung and HTC. In recent years, however, it has attempted to change the status quo and seize a portion of that market as well.

Those who have used Sony products for a long time may recall the first Xperia phone, which was released in 2008 and ran Windows. Eleven years later, Sony released the Xperia ZR, a magnificent mobile phone with the same name that featured 4K HDR OLED technology. The marketing department dubbed it the “movie phone,” and it was designed for people who want to stream Netflix and watch video entertainment while holding it in their hand. Despite this, Sony made the Xperia 10 affordable to customers on a tight budget.

  • Is it a good phone to have?
  • When was it first made available?
  • How much will it cost you?

The Xperia 10 was introduced in early 2019 and is a respectable product that can be purchased for around $350

Is the Sony Xperia 10 an excellent gaming device? Yes, it will perform admirably for games ranging from simple to complex. However, it will have difficulty with those that are more demanding. Frame rates of less than 20 frames per second are possible. As a result, playing Fortnite or any other high-end game is out of the question because they are incompatible with the system. Arena of Valor and Marvel Strike can both be played on the console, but the latter cannot be done in the 21:9 aspect ratio.

Having said that, let’s move on to a more in-depth discussion of the Xperia 10 in the following review, where we’ll look at each component and see how it contributes to the overall quality of the gaming experience you get when using this device.

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Is it Android-compatible? Yes, when you buy the phone, it comes pre-installed with Android 9.0 Pie and Sony’s custom user interface. Although it has the appearance of stock Android, some changes have been made. Side Sense is an optional shortcut panel introduced with the Xperia XZ3, and it allows you to quickly access the applications you use the most. Sony calls it “artificial intelligence that predicts your favorite apps.” The operating system also includes several unnecessary and annoying features, such as customizable music and gallery options. Furthermore, Facebook and Netflix are pre-installed on the device.

Screen Resolution and Metrics

One of the primary benefits of purchasing this phone is the size of the display. The screen on the Xperia 10 is not as good as the one on the Xperia 1, but it is still quite good. Despite being taller than most phones, it is still unique because it has a six-inch screen with a 21:9 aspect ratio and FULL HD resolution.

Although many people may see this as a benefit, the truth is that content with a 21:9 aspect ratio is difficult to come by. This may not be an issue in movies, but the majority of games do not have a very broad playing field. If you are playing a game that does not support the format, you will usually notice a dark rectangle on the right side of the screen.

In some games, the fact that the touch commands are still active in this section of the game even though there is nothing there may be a problem. The good news is that you might be able to find some newer games to play if you play at online casinos that offer games that use this ratio. It feels very natural and comfortable to play real money slot casinos on such a large screen.

The display has a native resolution of 2520 by 1080 and a pixel density of 457 PPI. We consider this to be more than adequate for use in day-to-day activities because it meets our sharpness criteria. On the phone, pulse-width modulation is used to control the brightness. Some people may experience headaches as a result of the flickering, especially if it occurs at low frequencies.

You should have no problems with this if you adjust the brightness to an appropriate level. However, playing video games for extended periods while causing eye strain is a problem, so proceed with caution.

The IPS technology provides a great view from any angle you look at the screen. There are no color changes, but there is a slight decrease in brightness, which is not a problem.

The Performance of the Computer System

The mobile device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset. This is a three-year-old mid-range chipset with only three gigabytes of LPDDR4 memory, which is on the low end for a product in this price range. The board also includes a Qualcomm Adreno 508 graphics processing unit.

The phone’s performance will not leave you speechless in any way. Don’t get us wrong: it’s good, but it can be slow at times. When you try to run more complex applications on it, you will encounter issues such as slow load times and system crashes, but it is perfectly capable of handling simple tasks. As previously stated, when playing games that require a lot of processing power, frame rates fall below what is considered acceptable for good gameplay.

When we were playing Asphalt 8 on the x10, the application took more than four minutes to open. As soon as we began playing, there were frequent instances of frames being skipped and the game stuttering.

The truth is that phones that are less expensive and perform better can be found elsewhere. If you’re thinking about going all out and buying the Xperia 10 Plus, you might be wondering, “Is the Xperia 10 Plus better?” The system-on-a-chip (SoC) is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 with an Adreno 509 GPU, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of eMMC flash storage. That device’s gaming performance will be noticeably improved, but it will not be competitive with the most advanced smartphones currently on the market.

The Controls and the Design

The Xperia 10 has the appearance and feel of a premium phone. Even though it is adequate, the case has a somewhat cheap appearance. The phone’s chassis is made of aluminum and is protected by Gorilla Glass 5. It weighs 162 grams, making it light for a smartphone. There are two physical buttons on the right side of the frame that can be pressed. Because of the sensor sandwiched between them, these buttons are easier to identify when playing games. Despite this, the touch screen, which has the advantage of being extremely responsive, is the primary input method for the vast majority of today’s games.

We don’t have many complaints about the phone’s design because there’s nothing that gets in the way when you’re trying to play games on it. One possible criticism is that it has a top-heavy feel to it, giving us the impression that we may struggle to keep our grip on it.

The Sound Standard

By plugging your headphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack, using Bluetooth headphones, or listening to the device’s speakers, you can listen to music or the soundtrack and effects of a game. The first two work fine, with Bluetooth headphones connecting quickly and maintaining a connection over reasonable distances; however, the mono speakers appeared to be in poor condition.

The phone has DSEE HX technology, which stands for Digital Sound Enhancement Engine. Sony’s proprietary technology can enhance the sound quality of compressed files, making them more listenable. It turns out to be effective. The loudspeaker has a maximum output of 86 dB(A), and as expected, it struggles to reproduce low frequencies and base tones.

The audio options’ overall quality can be considered satisfactory. Whatever, they’re even better than expected. Although some players have expressed concerns about hearing popping and cracking sounds when using the Xperia 10, Sony has denied these claims.

The capacity of the battery

When discussing the battery life of the Xperia 10, keep in mind that neither this model nor the Xperia 10 Plus has a noticeably larger battery. The phone has a 2,870 mAh internal battery, which is significantly less than the capacity found in the vast majority of other phones in its class. Although it consumes little power, the battery life it provides is inadequate.

Even when streaming video content, the battery life of the Xperia 10 is expected to be slightly longer than eight hours. In certain circumstances, if you reduce the brightness just a little bit, it may go as high as ten. When set to maximum brightness, the battery will be completely depleted in less than five and a half hours. Nonetheless, the most surprising thing was that after an hour of playing Asphalt 8, the battery life dropped by only 12%.

If you are willing to make the tradeoff between battery life and performance, there are modes called Stamina and Ultra Stamina that you can use on your device. There is no option for wireless charging; however, high-speed charging can be accomplished using a power brick if desired.


There is no question that this is an intriguing phone, and that it provides something special for individuals who are unable to purchase a high-end device or who do not wish to waste their money on such a purchase. The tall screen, also known as the widescreen, or whatever name you decide to give it, possesses an aspect ratio of 21:9, which makes it an intriguing proposition. The problem is that not all applications and games support it, so you are left viewing the content in 16:9, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of the feature that is supposed to be its main attraction.

Do not get the wrong idea; operating the display is a delight, and it emits an adequate amount of light in any setting. It’s just that the Sony Xperia 10 doesn’t quite feel like it has everything you need in a smartphone. It is more of a hodgepodge of things. It has a subpar performance, suffers from lag when switching between applications, and has trouble keeping up with more complex games. If playing games on your mobile device is something you enjoy doing, we suggest looking elsewhere for a solution that will better meet your requirements. In conclusion, if you were curious about it, the answer is yes; it is waterproof. No, that is not the case.