The Difference Between Valuebetting And Rebelbetting

RebelBetting’s industry-leading desktop program revolutionized sports arbitrage more than a decade ago. Finally, they’ve entered the world of Value Betting by releasing yet another excellent product up to the level you’d expect from the well-known company.

Rebelbetting Information

Clarobet AB, a small team of engineers and sports betting professionals situated in northern Sweden, creates all RebelBetting software. They have consumers from over 120 different nations.

RebelBetting was founded in 2007 by two programmers and two professional poker players who collaborated to create a subscription-based sports betting platform that provides guaranteed earnings. This paved the way for the development of their cutting-edge Sports Arbitrage Finder, as well as the all-new Value Betting service.

RebelBetting Value Betting software is intended to allow bettors to profit on expensive odds. Simply put, their Value Bet Finder discovers bets with a higher possibility of winning than the Bookmakers’ odds suggest and assists users in placing them as quickly as possible. This successful, methodical strategy for betting is one that I support and emphasize throughout this website. If you’re seeking for a consistent, trustworthy Value Betting Service, go no farther than RebelBetting.

Two Versions of the Product

RebelBetting Value Betting Software is available in two versions: downloaded software and a web-based version. Both types offer distinct advantages.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two products:

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1. Downloadable Lightweight Version

The RebelBetting Value Bet Finder is available for download and is compatible with both PC and Mac. It cannot be accessed using mobile devices or a conventional web browser.

But this isn’t a bad thing. RebelBetting recognizes that a Value Bet Finder must be highly quick and stable above all else. As a result, increasing the power of your computer will only serve to increase its overall performance. Remember that value bets don’t last long. The best arrangement is to utilize a PC with a mouse and twin monitors.

You’ll be up and running in minutes after downloading the lightweight RebelBetting program and following the (quite typical) on-screen installation procedures. It’s the same as installing any other out-of-the-box program.

2. In-browser Mobile Version

RebelBetting’s mobile web version of their Value Betting Software was released in 2019. It works on every platform, including mobile devices and desktop computers. There is no need to install anything because all major browsers are supported.

Auto-login Functionality in Bookmaker

RebelBetting’s Value Betting Software is extremely user-friendly and straightforward. It automatically logs you into Bookmakers, navigates you to bet slips, and fills them out for you. Neat. In reality, once you’re set-up, all you have to do is double-check your stake/odds before putting your Value Bets. It’s as easy as that.

Rebelbetting Value Betting Software Reduces Time Wasted During Bet Placement Significantly

The desktop version makes extensive use of a built-in browser, which automatically selects your bets. In the preceding case, this worked flawlessly (note the correct selection has been detected, in red).

The built-in browser in RebelBetting saves users the trouble of opening several tabs for each Bookmaker, repeatedly entering into accounts, identifying the relevant sports markets, and filling out bet slips. Value Betting subscribers will make significantly more than they could with a manual technique.

This RebelBetting video emphasizes how streamlined, well-designed, and simple it is to identify and place Value Bets utilizing the program.

Very Configurable (Yet Simple)

The RebelBetting Value Bet Finder has a plethora of adjustable features, as one would expect from a desktop tool.

Here are a few that jump out:

  • Bet Filters: minimum (percentage), particular Bookmakers, odds ranges, event start times, sports & markets
  • Alerts: a variety of options for how you want the software to notify you of Value Bets as soon as they arise (and match your filters).
  • Table Ordering: Choose how Value Bets should appear in the list.
  • Set the stake size, maximum stake, and odds format choices in the Staking Plan Criteria.
  • Bookmaker Usernames: create a comprehensive collection of Bookmaker login information to simplify bet placement.
  • Technical options include the ability to create a proxy server and lower the screen resolution (to boost speed, presumably).

Value Bet Alerts Appear on Your Desktop regularly

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Excellent Outcomes

RebelBetting Value Betting Software, unlike their Arbitrage Betting platform, does not offer a risk-free proposition. Every Value Bet you put entails some level of risk. However, it is a determined and established strategy for you to outwit the Bookmakers at their own game.

Using the RebelBetting Software, you will receive a continuous supply of Value Bets from over 90 Bookmakers at all times. That’s a massive supply of bets, and it’s just going to get bigger as more Bookmakers join up.

So, how is the profitability?

During the software’s test runs, players quadrupled their bankroll after making 6,000 Value Bets recommended by the software. Given the recommended stakes, the average ROI was 14 percent.

While I expect the ROI to diminish slightly with time, there is no doubt that the technique is effective. That’s a massive amount of info. It’s quite probable to create a profit, much like Trademate, if you stick to your guns and stick to the advised bets.

RebelBetting is so convinced that you’ll benefit that they offer a 100% Profit Guarantee on your first month. “If you don’t earn a profit, you’ll receive another month for free,” they say. This, in my opinion, is the program that Bettors should utilize before delving into the more uncertain realm of Sports Tipsters.

How Much Does Valuebetting – Rebelbetting Cost?

RebelBetting Value Betting Software has two pricing options: one month and one year. If you choose the yearly option, you will receive a 50% monthly discount. The costs are considerably cheap. The software provides more than enough value to cover any subscription and leave you with a profit.

  • Rebelbetting value betting price plans (downloadable version) — 1 year and 1 month
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  • Price plans for rebel betting value betting (web version) — 1 year and 1 month
  • Value bet finder is the best value betting software (trademark, rebel betting value bet finder, find value bets)
  • Understandably, you may feel more at ease starting with a one-month membership.

However, given a large number of Bookmakers available (90+), it may be prudent to invest in a year-long contract (at 50 percent less per month). My advice is to upgrade to the yearly plan as soon as you know you’ll have more than a 6-month run at Value Betting. Keep in mind that Bookmakers will start to limit your bets when making Value Bets. What you earn with Value Betting is mostly determined by how much total stake you can get away with.